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Representative Scalable Videos

A customized, scalable video project created for the Texas Statehouse 2018 Midterms in partnership with Reform Austin. For cost-effectiveness, all scalable videos created with found and sourced images.

In 12 weeks,  3o original videos were customized approximately 400 times.

Representative video page created for Ivan Cheung and Fiona Cahill of the DLCC

Congressional Video Examples

Back To School

The  Three Stooges

Senate Video Examples

Konnie Burton – Not So Harmless

Don Huffines – Career Politician

Additional Videos By Collective Agency

Found And Sourced Images/Animation

Indivisible – What’s At Stake

Swing Left – Secret Weapon

Progressive Change Campaign Committee – Silence Is Un-American

Shot And Edited By Collective Agency

Muscular Dystrophy Association- ALS

NY Women’s Foundation – Amara

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