#BlockHaspel – Indivisible2018-10-15T15:16:23-04:00

Project Description


In partnership with Indivisible

The product of a team wide ideation session, Collective Agency’s #BlockHaspel video combined stark animations with strong messaging to remind the viewer that Elizabeth Haspel is inextricably linked to the torture at CIA black sites and that by promoting a torturer we are in fact promoting torture itself.

After partnering with Indivisible on a video rapid response to the Parkland shootings, Indivisible came to Collective Agency to create a video in protest of Elizabeth Haspel’s nomination to head the CIA. The video¬† called upon the viewer to visit Indivisible’s #BlockHaspel microsite for the tools they need to call their Senator, urging them to vote no on Haspel.

#BlockHaspel received more than 670,000 views on Facebook.