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Project Description

House Calls Campaign

Branding, Video, Logo, Website And Social Media Strategy Created In 3 Days.

When RMC member Catherine Stratton read Danielle Offri’s NY Times Op Ed Piece Time for a Doctors’ March on Washington she felt strongly that RMC needed to help. With only a week and half before the proposed vote on the AHCA, we had to move fast.

On Sunday night RMC members created the #HouseCallsCampaign branding. On Monday, RMC members created the logo and style guide. On Tuesday, Catherine shot the video and by Wednesday afternoon (in time for Dr. Ofri’s interview on All Things Considered), the #HouseCallsCampaign website was launched.

Since the site launch RMC has continued to assist the #HouseCallsCampaign with social assets, social strategy and continued video and marketing support.