Turn your Zoom room into a safe and professional production machine

If you are producing a virtual event that aims to engage your audience, create connection and energy among your guests and if want your participants to leave on a high, you need to produce in a Zoom room.

This suggestion always surprises our clients- who assume that if they are producing a high end event a Zoom webinar is their best choice.

Why do they assume that? Well, there are two reasons people choose Zoom Webinars

#1. Polish

Q: How do you get a totally polished zoom event in a zoom room?

Voila — a “perfectly” produced and safe community centric event.

#2. Control

The control issue comes up in your audience room. You want to make sure there are no Zoom bombers wreaking havoc on your beautiful event, or multitasking audience members unknowingly adding their own soundtrack to the show.

originally published on Medium