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On Digital Content And Livestreaming 

How to Create a Hybrid Event with IMPACT

Hybrid events! The allow you to reach a far greater audience than you could possibly reach at an in-person gala, they can build awareness across entirely new audiences, build mailing lists, build community and of course, inspire donations. So how do you create a hybrid event with this kind of impact? An online event that… Emotionally engages your audience Inspires [...]

Boost The Impact Of Your Next Virtual Fundraiser

TLDR: Go BIGGER! (By Going Smaller) Since March of ’20 the pandemic has forced most fundraisers online. Some of these new virtual fundraisers have been livestreams, and some have been pre-recorded versions of galas presented as livestreams. Bravo! Bravo to every organization that pivoted fast in the face of an unexpected and devastating global event and turned their traditional IRL [...]

How To Maximize Your Virtual Fundraiser

How to create dynamic live events that will build greater community, engage a larger audience, and increase fundraising opportunities. Covid-19 has forced us all to come up with new, virtual solutions FAST. Nonprofits have  launched into the unknown territory of virtual events and fundraisers with great success. Now, as we move into a future, regardless of vaccines or future pandemics, [...]

Thank You Lt. Col. Vindman

Thank You, Lt. Col. Vindman Lt. Col. Vindman is an American hero. Add your voice of public support for Lt. Col. Vindman. All it takes is a phone and a click. Your script? "Thank you, Lt. Colonel Vindman" Just click this link with your mobile phone and record your thank you video. When  you click [...]

In Defense of Shadow

Yes, it’s a mind blowing fuckup. And, what else could we possibly expect? Like many people I chucked my former life after the ’16 election. Collective Agency was launched just one week later. For three years we have been privileged to create media campaigns and websites for dozens of democratic and progressive orgs. And I have been shocked. I come from [...]

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