Living Equality

An All Live, All Remote Virtual Gala

What We Did

  • Developed and implemented virtual fundraising strategy
  • Ideated, Designed and created all motion graphics
  • Produced all entertainment
  • Edited opening number and duet
  • Created ROS in partnership with ERA Coalition team
  • Wrote script in partnership with ERA Coalition team
  • Strategized and managed distribution
  • Managed all live guests in partnership with ERA Coalition Team
  • Produced and Directed live event
  • Real-time donation graphics engineered and designed by Collective Agency

The Client

The US Constitution does not guarantee equal rights. The ERA Coalition is working to ratify the #EqualRightsAmendment which will ensure an #EqualFuture #ERANow.

ERA Coalition Virtual Fundriaiser
ERA Coalition Virtual Gala

Referred by a previous client, Collective Agency was honored to partner with the ERA Coalition to produce their first ever Gala, in this case a Virtual Gala.


The CA Team developed the event’s interactive fundraising strategy, designed and implemented all event motion graphics, produced and edited two custom videos for the event and directed the all-live virtual fundraiser.

ERA Coalition Virtual Fundraiser