If MLK Were Alive Today

Transformed a Student’s Award Winning Oratory Into a  Custom Video

What We Did

  • Conceived of storyboard to translate one person speech into a dynamic, multi-layered custom video
  • Two camera shoot, on location
  • All editing, including sourcing additional music, images and video
  • Delivered the final video both livestream, and social ready

The Client

BRICK (Building Resilient Intelligent Creative Kids) Education Network,  is a charter management organization based in Newark, New Jersey, which invests in children and their caregivers together to relentlessly knock down all barriers to students’ academic success.

BRICK’s unique approach to transforming public education puts successful students and world-class schools at the center of vibrant communities. Powered by diverse leaders and a commitment to fighting the status quo, BRICK Education Network is building resilient, intelligent, creative kids by equipping them with a high-quality, nurturing education and thriving, engaged families to support their success.

BRICK’s holistic model and learning approach ensures their scholars are on an unimpeded path to unlocking their limitless potential. They not only focus on a rigorous academic program, but intentionally provide “out of the classroom” supports to break down external barriers to a successful academic journey.

Brick Education Custom Video

Originally created as an interstitial video for the Brick By Brick livestream, the client tasked CA with creating a video that would serve as a showpiece for the student for years to come.