Immigrants: Make A Family Plan!

A Shareable Comic In Spanish And English That Contains Vital Information For Undocumented Families

What We Did

Collective Agency partnered with Santa Cruz based action group Protecting Immigrant Children and artist Danica Novgorodoff to create a Family Preparedness guide for undocumented and vulnerable families.

CA conceived of the comic idea as a way to effectively create sharable information, worked with the artist to bring the work to fruition and managed the translation process.

The Client

The Santa Cruz based action group Protecting Immigrant Children is focused on ensuring immigrant families are prepared and safe in the event of the  deportation of a parent or family member. They needed a quick, effective method of distributing accurate legal information to their communities about how immigrants can take care of their families in the face of potential deportation.

Click here for downloadable, full resolution images in  Spanish and English